The Best Jewelry for Active Lifestyles

Active life
September 23, 2020

For years, many people have believed that in order to be active, you couldn't wear jewelry. Sure, there are dangers (please, oh please take off your rings when doing construction work or rock climbing!), but all in all, being active doesn't necessarily mean that you can't be stylin'. Especially in today's society of jewelry innovation. 

I spent years working in a jewelry store while I was in college, working my way through my degree, and jewelry is something I grew a passion for. Believe me when I say, if you want to wear can wear jewelry. So, let's look at some gorgeous, classic options for those who want lightweight, low maintenance options in their jewelry! 

If You Love Yoga 

There's something so irritating about slowly breathing out as you go into downward dog and your necklace flops against your teeth and you can't keep it out of your mouth. If you're a yogi, you may have just reached the point where you've just taken your necklace off and you've stopped wearing it.  

Pendant chains come is various lengths. Look for something in a 16" - 14" length that won't get in your way. Better yet, look for something that is made out of lightweight beads, leather, or other natural element.  

What you choose to wear can also help to remind you to center yourself and find balance. Many companies specialize in precious metal lotus earring studs, special ear jackets, and mala bracelets. These are unobstructive and made to fit in with your interests.  

If You Love Swimming 

Depending on where you're swimming, you may want to be careful with the types of metals you wear. One of the most damaging chemicals to gold jewelry is chlorine. Chlorine in swimming pools and hot tubs attack the other metal alloys in your gold. It literally leaches out the nickel and zinc and, yes, even silver, leaving microscopic bubbles inside your jewelry. And when this happens, your karat gold jewelry will become brittle and weak. Prongs can spontaneously fall off, settings can disintegrate, and precious gems can be lost. It only takes one exposure to begin the damaging process! So beware of wearing any jewelry that is made from karat gold or sterling silver.  

In addition, semi-precious and soft stones (like turquoise, opal, and emerald) you should never wear in a pool due to bleach or discoloring. Look instead for silicone rings, bead necklaces, and lightweight titanium rings or earrings. These materials can be corrosion resistant in both chlorine and salt water. But be sure to research your materials before you wear in the water. 

If You Love Mountaineering 

One of the common themes for any active lifestyle is lightweight and unobstructive. Mountaineers and hikers know this well. The more weight you carry, the harder the walk. Now, jewelry won't necessarily weigh you down, but you don't necessarily want to be wearing anything heavy, chunky, or protruding. This includes wedding rings with large stones, statement necklaces, and even anklets that can dig into your skin underneath your socks or boots.  

If you enjoy the mountain life and still want to wear jewelry—especially jewelry that reflects your love of wildlife and nature—look for simple, minimalistic designs. One of my favorite pieces that I've owned in my life is a mountain silhouette pendant with a bezel set diamond “sun" rising over the ridge.  

If You Love Running 

Runners who wear necklaces, like yogis, also understand the frustration of a bouncing, irritating piece of jewelry around your neck. Shorter chains, lightweight metals and materials, and even loose chokers are ideal for runners.  

And when it comes to running, these days, I highly recommend jewelry that doubles as a step counter. Whether you're a runner, a swimmer, or almost any active exercise lover, there are multiple companies now providing stylish, beautiful smart jewelry and watches that help to track your body, your exercise programs, and other levels.

If You Love Travel 

Those that travel know they want to remember what they saw. Some people collect fridge magnets, others collect photos, but jewelry lovers can opt for local jewelry. Every time I visit a new place, I look for a sterling silver ring that either fits on my finger, mid-finger, or thumb. Another favorite piece of mine is a locally made pendant from Ireland with the symbol of my birth moon. I know, I'm kind of a secret hippie.  

Even better, when you get home, you can actually have custom pieces made that remind you of the longitude and latitude coordinates of your favorite places on earth. As always, when you want to wear these jewelry pieces, and especially if you don't want to draw attention to yourself in foreign countries, keep your jewelry simple. Be smart and avoid making yourself a target for pick pockets.  

If You Love Regular Life 

For me, I just want jewelry that I can wear every day and not have to worry about taking off. Mothers want jewelry that isn't going to scratch their small children as they play with or care for them, low-maintenance women want jewelry that they won't have to take into a jewelry store for regular upkeep, and the physically active just want something that won't get in the way.  

Look for jewelry that doesn't require major work. Keep it nostalgic. Keep it minimal. And you'll be a jewelry wearer for the rest of your life! 

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