We are proud to provide our customers with leasing options across a number of product categories:

Leasable item principles

Items designed for personal, family, or household use must generally be:





(expected to last longer than the term of the lease)


(reasonably safe and not prone to excessive litigation)


(by mail, drop off, or pickup)


Non-leasable item principles


  • Items permanently attached to a home, vehicle, or appliance
    • e.g., flooring, window tinting, lift kits, vehicle wraps, internal appliance parts 
  • Items prohibited from lease-to-own state law
    • e.g., insurance to cover the merchandise, pets
  • Consumable items or items that may quickly lose value
    • e.g., batteries, food, clothing, shoes, hair weaves and wigs
  • Items principally used for commercial, wholesale, or investment purposes
    • e.g., wholesale precious metals and loose gems, signs, investment items
  • Items that may require licensing, a title, registration, or are subject to stringent regulation
    • e.g., motorized vehicles, trailers, watercraft, aerial drones
  • Items that create excessive risk
    • e.g., weapons, ammunition, archery supplies, swimming pools and pool equipment, trampolines, e-cigarettes, hover boards, certain medical or drug related devices and supplies
  • Items that are intangible
    • e.g., services including phone plans, installation, repairs, memberships and subscriptions, fees, labor, insurance