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Enjoy more options with the Progressive Leasing App

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Shop at Your Favorite Retailer

Simple and Quick Application

Find your favorite retailer, start the lease application, and get an instant decision. 

Shop How You Want

Shop online or in-store with the approved lease ID. 

Flexible Payment Options

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly payment options are available to best fit your needs.

See Your Payment Breakdown

See how much you’ll pay with a 12-month standard agreement, the lowest recurring payment option.

Shop by Item

It’s Easy to Start

Click the New Way to Shop banner, start the lease application, and get a decision within minutes.

Find the Perfect Price

Search for items you want, compare prices between retailers, and choose where to shop.

Get What You Need

Lease multiple items up to your approved lease amount.

Take Your Items Home

You’ll be issued a one-time virtual payment card to use at checkout.

Your Lease, All in One Tool

More Features

Monitor and manage your lease by signing into your Progressive Leasing account.

More Info

Discover everything you need to know about your current lease, past leases, and current application.

More Options

Find lease agreement details, how much you’ve paid, the remaining lease-to-own total, and the option to make payments.

Tailored to You

Experience everything the Progressive Leasing app offers by logging into your account today.

One app. Everything you need

Download the App Today

Scan the QR code or click a button to download the Progressive Leasing app and get started today.