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Progressive Leasing Packages 110,000 Meals for Utah Food Bank in Partnership with Feeding Children Everywhere

PARK CITY, UT — October 7, 2019 — Employees of Progressive Leasing prepped and packaged 110,000 meals for the Utah Food Bank, donating a collective 750 service hours. The packaged food will be given to the School Mobile Pantry Program and distributed to 29 strategic locations throughout the state.

As part of their annual sales and compliance meeting, approximately 300 Progressive Leasing team members partnered with Feeding Children Everywhere to help American children who lack consistent, healthy meals.

“Progressive Leasing is an amazing company to partner with,” said Angelia Vierra with Feeding Children Everywhere. “The energy in the room was so positive and uplifting.” In addition to the packaged meals, Progressive Leasing donated $10,000 to further support Feeding Children Everywhere.

Michelle Parker, Vice President of Talent and Culture at Progressive Leasing stated that, “Our primary value is ‘Valuing People Above All Else.’ Helping others is at the core of our DNA.”

Feeding Children Everywhere estimates that the world produces enough food to feed every person on earth, and yet 40 million Americans are still left malnourished. Their efforts, and those that volunteer, can help make a difference.

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Feeding Children Everywhere is a non-profit organization on a mission to create a hunger-free world. FCE is committed to providing healthy meals to those in need. We are committed to sustainability. Creating a hunger-free world will be possible if we have an awareness of our impact on the world around us. We have implemented sustainability goals to reduce our carbon footprint and to eliminate the utilization of harmful plastics. This commitment also includes helping to create self-sufficient and sustainable communities through our program areas. We are committed to making your contribution truly matter! Financial efficiency and meaningful impact are the pillars of our commitment. We believe that financial transparency combined with a high-energy, tangible impact volunteer experience is the key to a contribution that makes a meaningful difference.

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